Surveillance Investigations

Whether you are our largest client or our smallest rest assured you will have a Licensed private investigator on your case. All cases are worked by experienced NYS licensed investigators. Once intake has been finalized cases can be assigned in 4 hour or 8 hour blocks or by total hour budgets. All investigators are equipped with Sony HD video cameras,  Canon 70D SLR cameras, HP laptops, mobile printers and scanners, Sony micro audio recorder, and several covert pinhole video cameras. All equipment produces time and date stamped output.  Investigators have the ability to run database searches, upload video/ photographs on request from our surveillance vehicles in the field.

BEWARE OF LARGE "Nationwide" or "Worldwide" COMPANIES...

Although there rates may seem unbeatable the person working your case is NOT a licensed private investigator they are a agent of the license holder. What are the requirements to be a agent? Basically nothing except having a fairly clean criminal record, that's experience necessary. These hires are recruited at 15.00 buck a hour with a world of promises that are never happen. They are paid .15 cents a mile, with no paid travel time, no paid report time, and no paid initial file review. That all adds up to no results.

All our cases are worked by experienced NYS licensed investigators.